Prepping Your Quilt for Service

Your quilt top should be neatly pressed with threads clipped and removed. If your edges are pieced, stay-stitching (a stitch length of 2.0 or less) 1/8" from the edges will keep your piecing from stretching and coming apart during the quilting process. Please wait until after quilting to attach embellishments.  Do not pin or baste the quilt top, backing, and batting together, we will assemble these pieces for you as we load your quilt onto the frame.

Please measure your quilt top and then prepare your backing and batting to make sure they are large enough.  The batting and backing should be at least 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the quilt top so they can be attached to the longarm frame for quilting. The backing should be squared up so that it can be loaded on the frame without any slack areas. If your backing requires piecing, please use a 1/2 inch wide seam allowance and iron the seam open. If you use the selvedge edges, clip the selvedge every few inches after the pieces are seamed together.  This will help your quilt will lay flatter after washing.  It is best practice to completely remove the selvedges from this seam, but it is fine to leave the selvedge on any of the outer edges of the back since you will be trimming them off after the quilting is complete.


Your quilt top, batting, and backing are loaded onto the longarm machine separately. Each layer is centered when it is attached to the machine, but it is impossible to exactly center the quilt vertically and horizontally with the backing. If you have a special backing with borders or other design elements, we will do our best to center it, however, it may not end up perfectly centered due to changes in the fabric during the quilting process. 

If you have a directional print or preference, please indicate the top of the backing and the top of the quilt top by pinning a note to each.

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