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Quilting Charges


Quilting charges are based on the number of square inches in your quilt and the complexity and density of the quilting design.

To determine square inches measure your quilt from edge to edge along the width and length of the quilt then multiply the two dimensions.

[Length ___ x Width ___ = Total Square Inches ___]

To approximate quilting charges multiply the number of square inches by the fee for the chosen quilting technique.

[Total Square Inches ___ x Fee ___ = Approx. Cost of Quilting ___]


$0.015 per square inch. Basting consists of loose stitching in about a 5" grid or large meander to secure the top, batting, and backing. It's used to prepare a quilt for hand quilters and domestic machine quilters, and takes the place of safety pins (the quilt is much lighter and easier to work on than a pinned quilt). Minimum charge is $50 per quilt.

Edge to Edge

$0.0225 per square inch. Edge to edge designs are chosen to complement the quilt top and to hold it together securely. MANY designs are available. See our Pinterest page for a sampling of the designs we offer. This is a beautiful and economical way to finish your quilt and offers the convenience of a quick turnaround time. Minimum charge is $50 per quilt.

Simple Custom

$0.06 per square inch. Simple custom could include an all-over design for the center of a quilt with a separate border design or simple repeated block designs. Stitch in the ditch between quilt body and outer border is included. This option is especially useful for quilts with special inner borders like flanges or piping that shouldn't be quilted over. It also adds a beautiful accent to a simple outside border by giving it its own design. Minimum charge is $100 per quilt.

Full Custom

$0.12 per square inch. Full custom quilting places specific designs in each block/area of your quilt and could include feathering, individual motifs, separate border and sashing designs, stitch in the ditch, cross-hatching, and background fills. This is the service to choose for those special heirloom projects that won't be heavily used - Perhaps for wall quilts or applique quilts or anything that you would consider quilting by hand. This would be great for a keepsake baby quilt, but not for one you want to be used and washed again and again. The designs are carefully chosen to fit the quilt and the occasion. Minimum charge is $150 per quilt.

Minumum Charges

$50.00 for Basting

$50.00 for Edge to Edge

$100.00 for Simple Custom

$150.00 for Full Custom

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Batting Prices


Singing Stitches offers the following batting choices from Quilters Dream batting:

(descriptions are from inserts provided by Quilters Dream)

Quilters Dream Poly Batting

This batting is an exclusive blend of the new fine Microfibers (very fine denier, high quality polyester fibers).  It has lovely drape and comfort, as well as breathability.  Needlepunched like Dream Cotton along with the use of the finest microfibers eliminates the need for resins, glue or plastic scrims as stabilizers.  Like natural fibers, this soft fine denier resists bearding, and is warm, yet breathable and resists bunching and shifting. 

White (93" width) - $0.25 per linear inch  

Quilters Dream 80/20 Batting

This batting is a blend of 80% dream Cotton and 20% Dream Poly fine denier microfibers. Microfibers imitate the softness and breathability of natural fibers, help resist wrinkles, reduce shrinkage and add a touch of volume. No resins, scrim or binders. Prewashing is not required or recommended. Use gentle cycles and cool temperatures for washing, air dry or machine dry with cool setting. Minimal shrinkage.


Natural (93" width) - $0.28 per linear inch

Quilters Dream Cotton Batting

This batting is made from 100% pure USA natural high grade cotton. It is extremely soft & drapable and is needlepunched for strength. It has no scrim and is environmentally friendly with no chemical resins or binders. Use gentle cycles and cool temperatures for washing, air dry. Only 1% shrinkage in a cold wash, air dried. 3% shrinkage in a warm wash, warm dry.  Dream Cotton is available in Select loft or Deluxe loft.

Select Loft  (mid loft that emphasizes stitch definition)

White (93" width) - $0.38 per linear inch


Natural (93" width) - $0.34 per linear inch

White (120" width) - $0.49 per linear inch 


Natural (120" width) - $0.44 per linear inch  

Deluxe loft (higher loft with extra volume and warmth)

Natural (93" width) - $0.38 per linear inch

Quilters Dream Orient Batting

This batting is a blend of bamboo, silk, Tencel, and cotton with a silky soft drape.  Environmentally friendly fibers are carded, crosslapped, and finely needlepunched to give softness, warmth, and breathability without sacrificing strength.  Machine wash and dry with cool water/cool dryer - shrinkage approximately 3%.

Natural (93" width) - $0.40 per linear inch


Natural (King Batt, 120" x 122") - $60 each

Quilters Dream Wool Batting

Made with a blend of fine Domestic and Merino wool, this wool is scoured and super-washed for superior cleanliness and to eliminate shrinkage. It is blended, carded, crosslapped & thermally bonded and has a 1/3" loft that beautifully accentuates the quilting. It is exceptionally light and drapable, luxurious and naturally warm. No prewashing necessary. Machine washable/dryable with no shrinkage. Do not use hot iron or steam. Use gentle cycles and cold water wash, no agitation. Machine dry on a cool setting or lay flat to dry. Can be dry-cleaned.

Natural (93" width) - $0.41 per linear inch

Natural (King Batt, 120" x 122") - $60 each

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Thread Prices

(per bobbin)

Since industrial quilting machines require specialized threads, Singing Stitches will provide the thread for your quilting at a cost of $4 per bobbin.

Since our larger bobbins hold 200 yards of thread, you're getting about 400 yards including the top thread and the bobbin thread.


We stock a wide variety of Glide and Fantastico threads.  Glide is a 40 wt. trilobal polyester thread from hab+dash by Fil-tec with over 250 available colors. Fantastico is a 40 wt. 2-ply variegated trilobal polyester thread from Superior Threads available in over 150 color blends. We are sure to have a thread color that will complement your quilt!

Please note:

Additional charges may apply for extra services such as repairing seams, squaring up or seaming backing, pressing top or back, etc.

Prices are subject to change without notification


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